Sometimes you want too much, when all you really need is a little love.

Thank you Miami!

We finally landed in LA at around midnight last Sunday night after an amazing time in Miami (thanks Tony and Josue for meeting us at the airport).  We met so many really cool people in Miami, and we had a chance to not only hang out with festival people, but also made it to some nice meals on Lincoln Road and Ocean Blvd, as well as spending some time at the 12th street beach and drinks at The Palace after the beach – so all in all a great little South Beach break.

Some of the highlights:

  • A special tour of the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts from Gusman Director Margaret Lake.
  • Sipping drinks in the wading end of the pool at the Delano with Quentin, Carol and Andrea.
  • Taking Dianna through a tour of a dodgy neighborhood on our way to the opening gala after getting trapped in traffic after a Heat game.
  • Seeing our poster put up at the entry to Mova Lounge.
  • Having Little Love/The People I’ve Slept With sell out its screening Saturday night.
  • Meeting some great fans who’d learned of the film online/through Facebook and getting some great feedback.
  • Getting to know MGLFF (Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival) organizers, staff and key supporters.

Thanks to everyone who came to the screening, gave us feedback, and spent time with us in Miami.  You all made our world premiere an amazing experience.


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