Sometimes you want too much, when all you really need is a little love.

Miami here we come!

We’re thrilled to have the premiere showing of our film at the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

It’s funny that our Director, Quentin Lee, is mostly known for his independent gay Asian films.  In fact at our wrap party Quentin realized that this was the first film he’d done where there were no Asian main characters (which was totally coincidental, by the way).

We’re especially glad to be screening immediately before Quentin’s latest feature “The People I’ve Slept With” because the films offer a very different take on sex and sexuality.  In Little Love the themes of the fragility of human love and passion are explored as three characters who share a close bond test the limits of their maturity and open relationship, and end up hurting each other, while “People” is a hilarious take on the fertile consequences of prolific sexual activity.  Both films share the observation that human sexuality is a powerful force in our lives, but come from a very different perspective.  The juxtaposition of the films makes for an interesting experience and a great night at the movies.


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