Sometimes you want too much, when all you really need is a little love.

Long Beach, Los Angeles, Tampa, Barcelona, Chicago

Little Love is approaching the last half of it’s festival life, and is currently scheduled to screen in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Tampa, Barcelona and Chicago.

We’ve been having a blast at the festivals we have been able to attend.  Great people who are very supportive; a really fun community.

Little Love has been fortunate to play both as a piece of shorts programs, as well as opening for its “big sister,” the rom-com “The People I’ve Slept With” which Quentin Lee also directed.  “People” has had great festival response, and is in a series of theatrical releases in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose before it runs on television on Logo some time in October.

One of the common comments about Little Love we’ve heard is that people would like to know more about the characters – one of the challenges of making a character-driven piece that features three different characters in only 10 minutes.  It’s nice that people have been engaged enough with the Andy, Markus and Rafael to want to know more of their story.

We’re in the process of making Little Love available via DVD and possibly download online, because we’ve had many of our Facebook fans who are not in a festival city ask how they can see the film.

Thanks again for your support and interest.


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